Actual machine

by Chemo



we are becoming

what is still to be determined



We're not people here
we're just numbers and graphs

(We're so medicated we can't feel a thing)

We've all got productiongoals to meet

Get your head out of your ass man you're redundant.
Don't you get it?

You're only biodegradable fuel.
You're food.

For a completely different animal

You will find yourself heartbroken.

Think the unthinkable. It's finally catching up.

You're so welladapted to the system.
you're willing to bite your own head off to be a good boy.

Everybody clap your hands!

How does it feel to be an actual machine?
(They couldn't possibly understand what I mean)
Why would you want to reduce something so beautiful?

And as you move in accordance with a system;
you worship the tool,
but you don't know what it's for.
You don't have a clue and you don't want to talk about it.
All that STUFF just looks SO GOOD on TV.

Voyeuristic narcissist.
Push it with a stick.

Think the unthinkable.
It's finally come to that.
Will you be daydreaming yourself in to the grave.

Pigs in a pen.
Noone cares, noone cares.
What the fuck is wrong with you anyway?

(So sedated you don't give a damn)

You will not go free from this.

Your children will be staring back at you with an empty gaze.
But you won't feel a thing, not a thing, you can't feel a thing.
Unless there's a personal gain for you,
you don't care
you don't know
what that is



released June 16, 2013
allrightsand everythingeverything2013DolvingLantto


all rights reserved



Peter Dolving Sweden

Peter Dolving has been recording and touring all over the world since the 1990's with bands like The Haunted, MaryBeatsJane, BringTheWarHome, ROSVO & IAmFire.

Over the years working closely with soundwizards Tue Madsen, and Fredrik Reinedahl and a whole team of great musicians and songwriters.

Enjoy the music.
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