Anthemic Idiot Prayer

by Chemo



Chemo is the musical interactions of Peter Dolving and Kim Lantto.

OK. So... why?

Do we want to be big-ass rockstars and ride in limousines? Sure, but we can do that anyway, we just have to ask our friend Miguel to nick us a ride and we can pretend. Aw, shit people got all this music biniz upside down.

The way of the world were everyone is more concerned with perception rather than actuality and what it just feels it, are missinf a whole lot of what's important.

SO we go for the other option; Let's just make music, because we can. If you like it, great.

If not? Whatevs mang...


Anthemic Idiot Prayer

This a time for morons and imbecils
This a time for the weak of mind
This is a time for playground simplicity
It's a perpetual PG society
Nothing gets outta here
Nothing ever goes too far
Noones allowed out of line
Oh god the quality

Please please please please
please please please please
please please please

At least make me stinking rich to ease my suffering
God hear my prayer, take the blade from my throat
I am ready to go

Do or don't you?

I swear they're born in the eighties
Something's wrong and I can't put my finger on it
Is there a gap? A certain incapacity?
Shake, shake; Nobody cares.
The downs are up and the ups are inside out.
I need a break.

Make me rich like those rich fucking bitches on TV
Complete me
Please please please
God hear my prayer, take the blade from my throat
I am ready to go.


released January 25, 2013
Chemo are: Kim Lantto and Peter Dolving


all rights reserved



Peter Dolving Sweden

Peter Dolving has been recording and touring all over the world since the 1990's with bands like The Haunted, MaryBeatsJane, BringTheWarHome, ROSVO & IAmFire.

Over the years working closely with soundwizards Tue Madsen, and Fredrik Reinedahl and a whole team of great musicians and songwriters.

Enjoy the music.
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