Paris lead the way

by Provo



This the second release by Provo, the collaboration between Peter Dolving and Canadian musician and producer Liam Devlin.



Paris lead the way

Come in on the overnight, at Dulles International.
Clean cut, white-bread, no questions asked.
Model citizen, Caukasian male
staring blindly at an undesignated spot on the wall
Who´s watching who?
What´s the purpose of your shadowpuppet-display?
Safe. Sound. Appropriatly clean.
Dare I even dream?

Hold on.
Let Paris lead the way.
All must fall. Everything comes to an end.
Hold on, we all know who´s to blame.
You may not believe it now,
but love is strong.
All hail, for a present set for new beginnings.
Lead on lead on!
All hail, for a present set for new beginnings.
This too will pass.
But not until you make up your mind.

Dude, be brave.
There´s more of us than any army.
We´re the esteemed league of people who give a god damned.
There comes a point when knowledge exceeds might
With people like us,
no there isn´t such a thing as a fair fight.
And when the time is right,
and hell breaks lose,
make sure your heart is still on fire.

I counted the discrepancies
til I thought that I was losing my mind.
The facts present a fictionary state of grace.
A daily set of logic twists.
New names, old ideas.
How long can you pretend that everything´s hunky dory?
Close your eyes, shut your mouth
in pathetic indifference.
All hail, for a present set for new beginnings.
Lead on lead on!
All hail, for a present set for new beginnings.
It´s time for you to start making up your own mind.



released November 17, 2013
Music by Liam Devlin
Words by Peter Dolving


all rights reserved



Peter Dolving Sweden

Peter Dolving has been recording and touring all over the world since the 1990's with bands like The Haunted, MaryBeatsJane, BringTheWarHome, ROSVO & IAmFire.

Over the years working closely with soundwizards Tue Madsen, and Fredrik Reinedahl and a whole team of great musicians and songwriters.

Enjoy the music.
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