Thru With U

by Peter Dolving



So I ended up crying my eyes out with gratitude and relief as this song basically fell in my lap realtime an afternoon mid july. Just singing it as the words come effortlessly, and they were just THERE. I guess it was true. I am done with a lot of things in my life.

The only thing added afterwards were Mårtens drums that we recorded in my livingroom a sunny wednesday afternoon, we had coffee and set up 4 mics and bashed it in there.

I did the bass-tracking in a couple of hours and then mixed it. Obviously it's just a song. Like all songs. It's just a song. I am grateful I get to be a songwriter.


Thru With U

I'm sick to death of trying to communicate.
I see your lips are moving, but we're not going anywhere.
You talk, you talk. Oh boy was I wrong...
We could talk til our heads fall off to not have to move.
We could talk talk talk an infinity.
Talk talk til the water begins to boil.
Talk and talk, this is al but words.

Useless arguments about nothing, comparison and reassurance.
We're just stalling.
This ain't a life to choose, this ain't a life.
I've got better things waiting.
There's light up ahead.
And I won't stay a day longer, than I have to.

I'm through. Through and throughly. Through with you.

Oh, go on see if you can't nurture that.
Hold on as tight as you can.
Will this bring you closer to what you can't have?
Will you someday perhaps see it clearly?
Will you you understand?
You must face it alone.

There is noone to blame.
There is no way to ease the pain,
you must go through it alone to find love on the other side.
There's light up ahead.
And I won't stay a day longer than I have to.

I'm through. Through and throughly. Through with you.


released July 31, 2012
Peter Dolving; Vocals, guitars, bass
Mårten Magnefors; Drums


all rights reserved



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